For The Win in the Sports section of USA Today published an early story. Today, Amazon was going to make a statement about buying EA. The first source of the rumor was GLHF. a For The Win content partner. CNBC, however, is now disputing that account. which asserts to have communicated with individuals who might have knowledge of a buyout of this kind. According to David Faber of CNBC, he spoke with individuals who would be aware of the likelihood of such an acquisition and they claim that nothing is happening.

Faber also points out that the folks he talked to were individuals who were active at a period when acquisition interest was high. An earlier report last year said that EA had been looking elsewhere. It was reported that EA had discussions about the acquisition with a number of businesses, including Comcast-NBCUniversal, Apple, and Amazon. However, since EA still hasn’t sold, nothing ever came of those rumors.

This leads to the early morning report this morning that Amazon had interest all along and was prepared to proceed with a deal.

Advertisement COULD Amazon announce the purchase of EA in the future? Even if the most recent sources claim the transaction won’t take place, there is a point worth making. Faber asserts that no acquisition is taking place right now. This could be Faber’s way of stating categorically that the transaction is not going to materialize. And perhaps we are interpreting it too literally, but perhaps today does indeed refer to today. This isn’t necessarily excluding the prospect of a later announcement.

There is currently no proof that Amazon was going to make an announcement. However, if it were or if there were any efforts to make it happen, this would be a huge win for Amazon. The online retailer has been steadily advancing its integration into the gaming sector. starting with its purchase of Twitch a few years ago.

Amazon’s most recent efforts include a collaboration with Smilegate RPG to publish the wildly successful MMO Lost Ark and the launch of its own internal MMO New World, which has recently struggled with player numbers. Additionally, Luna, its cloud gaming service, enables you to stream games across many platforms.

Advertisement According to sources cited by CNBC’s @DavidFaber , Amazon won’t make an offer for Electronic Arts. A story reporting a rumor earlier caused shares of $EA to soar.

CNBC Now August 26, 2022 (@CNBCnow)


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