Customers are waiting in line to receive their units slightly earlier than expected as Valve rolls additional Steam Deck units off the production line. You can go ahead and check the most recent schedule on Valve’s site if you’re in line. Additionally, Valve is providing an grace period of a few days to take action if you’re concerned that you could miss the email and, along with it, your ticket to purchase the gadget.

The Steam Deck Docking Station, which was delayed last month, hasn’t received any improvements from Valve in today’s release, though. The shipment predictions for the portable gaming PC have been excruciatingly protracted thus far, despite the fact that it was only widely released in February. Long lines are a result, according to Steam, of a lack of components supply and supply chain problems brought on by COVID.

In the meantime, Valve has been working hard to address early hardware issues including excessive fan noise and jittery game optimization. If you absolutely must play right away, you can try your luck with rivals from Aya and GPD, both of whom feature quite good handheld Windows gaming hardware running on the more recent (and faster) AMD chip.


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