Microsoft is planning to introduce a new Lite app for Android to keep the app operating as quickly as possible if you use Microsoft Outlook for your email requirements.

Outlook Lite will be made available sometime in July 2022, according to Microsoft says ‘s mention of the release in the Office 365 roadmap. As the business puts it, the app is:

An Android app that offers all of Outlook’s primary advantages in a more compact package with quick performance on any network and low-end hardware

This initially reminds me a lot of Google’s Go apps, which were condensed versions of the company’s numerous Android apps for the Android Go platform, which was itself a condensed version of Android for devices with low-end specs and little memory (RAM).

As documentation noticed by The Verge shows, Microsoft Outlook Lite appears to have a cap on the number of email accounts it can manage.

Only Microsoft-based email accounts that are not for use in education or business will be supported by Microsoft Outlook Lite.

Unlike the full version of Outlook for Android, Gmail and Yahoo email accounts are not supported. To be supported, your email account must be Outlook, Hotmail, Live, or MSN.

Additionally, the app can only support one email account at once.

Additionally, ZDNet notes that Outlook Lite is already available in several areas. Clearly, Microsoft want to increase the app’s accessibility.

The image below, from the German website DrWindows , displays how the app appears as well. Despite having a similar user interface to the complete Outlook program, the site claims the software as being incredibly fast.

Outlook Lite’s precise release date by Microsoft is still unknown, as is the extent to which it will continue to be region-locked.

Microsoft has stated that at this time, there is nothing to discuss besides what is on the roadmap. The app was scheduled to launch in July, according to the roadmap, and that is exactly where we are now. Therefore, it will most likely only be a few weeks or such.

microsoft outlook lite app

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