The lack of the foldable Pixel phone from this year’s Google I/O startled us all. However, there have been a few leaks and rumors about this phone that give us optimism that it will finally go on sale. Now that we know, the selfie camera on the Pixel Fold (or Pixel NotePad) will be in the bezel.

Although this patent was submitted to the World Intellectual Organization (WIPO) in June 2021, it was only just published this morning. The patent was found by 91Mobile and provides insight into Google’s future plans.

When we look at the device, we notice a standard foldable notebook. Its closed size is similar to that of a standard slab phone. The phone transforms into a little tablet when it is opened. We don’t anticipate Google to try and recreate the wheel in this case, so this makes sense.

Advertisement Some individuals could be turned off by what appears to be a sizable bezel surrounding the inner display (Fig. 1). However, we’ll have to wait until the finished product to confirm that. When examining Fig. 2, it appears that the display is slightly recessed.

In Fig. 3B, which depicts the device in cross-section, the display’s closed-up tear-drop curve is visible. This can indicate that there isn’t a distinct crease on this phone. That’s fantastic because the crease seems to be one of the most common complaints.


Pixel fold camera bezel 4
Pixel fold camera bezel 3
Pixel fold camera bezel 2
Pixel fold camera bezel 1

A camera could be located in the bezel of the Pixel Fold. When it comes to the selfie camera, it appears like Google is trying to avoid employing a punch-hole. We can see a location for the selfie camera when we look at the wide bezel. We can see some information about the selfie camera in both Fig. 1 and Fig. 7. The phone’s real bezel may contain the selfie camera.

Some rumors claimed that the phone’s camera was concealed within the phone’s frame, although that may not be the case. Before we can be certain, we must wait till Google provides us with further details about this phone.


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