There are numerous improvements and fixes included in the most recent OxygenOS update for the OnePlus Nord, version now rolling out . This update, which has the version number F.13, first began to affect Indian units. Although nothing has been proven as of yet, it may have begun to arrive for others as well.

A NEW UPDATE INCLUDED MANY OPTIMIZATIONS AND FIXES FOR THE ONEPLUS NORD. As far as system updates go, OnePlus optimized the phone’s font display. In addition, the problem with a blank screen in some circumstances has also been resolved, and several problems with the fingerprint scanner have also been resolved.

On occasion, the phone’s charging symbol appeared erratically while in power-off mode. That won’t be occurring any longer, I suppose. Additionally, the July 2022 Android security patch is present in this release.

Advertisement The Communication section has also been divided into categories for some adjustments. The problem where, in some circumstances, the Bluetooth name did not appear has been resolved. The same applies to the problem with the device’s call volume adjustment causing noise in the earbuds.

There have also been some camera fixes released. The Camera category is the final one to be included in the changelog. The watermark font setting has been improved by OnePlus, and in some cases, the way that images are displayed has also changed.

In some circumstances, the Photos app lock functioned incorrectly, but this shouldn’t happen anymore. The camera crashing is the final modification mentioned. According to OnePlus, it crashed in some circumstances, but that problem has also been fixed.

Advertisement This update is being released in parts as normal. So, if you don’t own an Indian unit, you could have to wait for your turn. At initially, OnePlus is only making it available to a select group of consumers.

Some of you may be curious as to when the OnePlus Nord will receive Android 13. Well, most likely never. The OnePlus Nord is not qualified for that update, so it won’t be getting it until something radically changes.


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