We have just experienced Apple’s most recent presentation, so it is time to prepare for the upcoming Pixel event on October 6. However, Sony’s opportunity to shine is right now. According to GSM Arena , a new Sony Xperia Pro phone may be unveiled at a future event.

As outside of the mainstream as it is possible to get are Sony’s phones. Professional photographers who don’t mind spending $2,000 on a phone are their primary target market. They are a specialty item, and that is one of their appeals.

We were all curious about how the pricey Xperia Pro-I varied from the marginally less expensive primary Xperia phones when Sony announced it last year. That phone was designed for users who want the most from their phone’s camera. It had absurd camera specifications and brought back variable aperture for smartphones. We initially saw this on the Galaxy S9.

Advertisement A NEW PRO XPERIA PHONE COULD BE RELEASED BY SONY We’re all interested in learning what Sony will reveal at its next presentation. According to reports, Sony will host a launch event for the new phones on September 12.

We don’t know a lot about what this phone might offer, but reports suggest that it will have three cameras. All of the sensors might have 48MP resolution, and one of them might still have the previous generation’s variable aperture. It’s possible that sensor can toggle between f/1.2 and f/1.4 apertures.

But this new Xperia Pro phone’s camera might not be its most crucial feature. This will be a phone that is focused on gaming, according to a previous statement from Sony. This is significant information because the firm hasn’t particularly emphasized gaming on its phones. According to the company’s claims, it may be very appealing to streamers and die-hard mobile gamers.

Advertisement We must all wait to find out what the firm means by this, though. There isn’t much that a phone can do differently in terms of hardware when it comes to gaming prowess on mobile devices. flagship phones frequently use the same chipset.

In order to make this the best portable console possible, Sony will need to make changes to the software. Were all anticipating what the business has in store. On September 12 at 1 PM Japan time (12 AM EST/9 PM PST), the event will start.


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