This year’s Pixel fold announcement was absent, which left fans feeling somewhat let down. But it doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. Regarding this mysterious item, new leaks and rumors have surfaced. As an illustration, a recent leak suggests that a second Pixel foldable phone may soon be released.

We understand what you’re thinking: Why in the world are we reporting on news about a second foldable Pixel when Google hasn’t yet provided one? Until we learn more concrete details on what Google’s plans are, it will be the question on everyone’s mind.

This, however, can be a positive development for the business. The business previously said that the reason the Pixel foldable was delayed was so that it could be made perfectly before being distributed. Supposedly, if a corporation is developing a second product, it has finished developing the hardware and is now prepared to begin producing some finished products.

Advertisement A NEW LEAK CONFIRMS A SECOND FOLDABLE PIXEL Enough said. If Google is developing a second Pixel foldable, we may anticipate the corporation to imitate Samsung. This suggests that in addition to a clamshell foldable, a notebook foldable is also to be anticipated. We don’t have a lot of information at the moment, so it’s difficult to say.

Kuba Wojciechowski the developer was able to locate some strings that point to a new device by searching through the code of the most recent Android 13 QPR. We all assumed that the device with the codename Felix would be the Google Pixel 7a.

The HAL for the camera, which Wojciechowski found, however, refers to two intriguing lines of code. It firstly relates to internal and external cameras. Additionally, open and closed states are mentioned. These indicate that the Felix gadget is also a foldable phone.

Advertisement We don’t currently have a lot of information on this future phone, so it’s difficult to predict what to anticipate. Don’t be shocked, though, if the rumors and leaks increase over the coming several months.


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