DOTA was first made available to users in 2003. None of us knew back then that the MOBA subgenre of strategy games would top the list of genres with the most players in the coming decade. So it is now. Here is a list of the Top Moba Games for PC in 2021 that you simply must play.

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10 Game Apps That Pay Money To Play We know what MOBAs have to offer as gamers. However, let’s review the genre for the beginners. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is referred to as MOBA. It is a category of video games where players can team up online and enter a combat zone to face other players. The intriguing reality is that there are numerous competitions organized all around the world where you might win a prize of $1 million. So, the top MOBA games for PC are listed below.

The Top MOBA Games on the PC include

NFL Of Legends DOTA 2 Heroes of the Storm, Guardians of Middle Earth, and Smite Here is a list of the top five MOBA games on computers. These games are available for direct Windows download. What game should I download, though? Find the game that best suits you by reading the information below.

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PC MOBA Games to Play The Best MOBA Games for Windows are listed further in the article. For your better understanding, we’ve included the Minimum PC requirements as well as gameplay videos.

LEGENDS LEAGUE League of Legends is the first name that every gamer would expect to see on the list of the Best MOBA Games For PC. The game, which is published by Riot Games, is frequently abbreviated as LOL. The game is highly regarded among eSports competitors. Why are eSports players so well-liked? Well, a lot of universities and colleges have started awarding scholarships to the best eSports competitors. Yes, that is accurate. The game may net you a scholarship for college.

Speaking of the game, it is played in the standard 5v/s5 MOBA style. The game lasts between 30 and 50 minutes, and the player has a choice of 140 characters. Because the gameplay and user interface are straightforward, even a complete novice may quickly learn and master the MOBA skills. As a result, it is among the top MOBA games on Windows.

Minimum PC specifications

DOTA 2 Since we previously discussed eSports players in the MOBA game, here is the game that the eSporters consider to be of the utmost importance: DOTA 2. The game offers a great online rivalry group but is not for beginners. Since DOTA 2 is the game that most eSports competitors use, winning requires having exceptional skills.

Speaking of the game, there are 115 characters available in the 5vs5 mode. The fact that numerous websites host the online DOTA 2 contest and provide cash prizes gives an idea of the game’s popularity.

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Protectors of the middle earth The Lord of the Rings served as inspiration for the video game Guardians of Middle Earth. Published by Monolith Productions, the game. because the server no longer supports the PS4 version of the game. As a result, players have switched to the game’s Windows or PC edition.

The game lets 10 people play in five-player teams and offers a selection of 36 characters to pick from. Although the game has standard MOBA action, its Lord Of The Rings theme elevates it to the top of the PC MOBA game list. The game isn’t in the Steam store, but you can download it for free from a number of other game downloading websites.

FIGHTERS IN THE STORM Another MOBA game for the PC is Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard Entertainment published the game. Yes, it is the same business that started the MOBA game craze on PCs. The recently released Heroes of the Storm can be thought of as a compilation of all the publishers’ earlier works.

You can pick from a wide variety of characters, many of them are drawn from earlier games like StarCraft, Overwatch, Diablo, and Warcraft. In a sense, the characters are improved versions of themselves. The absence of game components makes for an interesting aspect of the game. Why is Heroes of the Storm among the top MOBA games available on PC, then? The loot, which improves the character’s skills, is the solution.

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One of the best and most well-liked MOBA games for PC is SMITE Smite . Before we go into the gameplay, let me just say that there is an annual Smite World Championship with a top prize of $1,000,000, and we think playing video games is just a waste of time.

Moving on, the game is focused on the Gods, as suggested by its name. You can select Jesus or one of the mythological gods like Thor out of a total of 100 characters. The game’s TPP mode, which makes it much more intriguing-looking, is its best feature.


If the minimal system requirements listed above are met, this was our list of the top MOBA games for PC that can be downloaded on the Windows operating system. So, please let us know in the Comments section if you think we left out the name of any MOBA games that may rival the five stated above.

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