Google Hangouts is about to disappear. The web app is close to extinction, and the mobile app is history. In light of this, Google Chat, its replacement, is anticipated to improve as a full-featured messaging service. The company claims that Google Chat will soon be able to deliver numerous media files at once.

There are several abandoned Google messaging services in that cemetery, and Google is currently carving the headstone for Hangout’s tomb. On November 1st, even the web app and Gmail will no longer be able to view your messages. Hangouts will end permanently on that date. However, up to January 1st, Google Take Out will still let you download your chat history for the app.

You can send multiple media files simultaneously using Google Chat. It’s only fair that some of the features that Hangout users have benefited from over the years are added to Google Chat since it will be the upcoming chat service. As a result, the business published an Workspace blog post informing us that you can now submit numerous media files at once.

Advertisement It used to be possible to send one file at a time, which seems like a primitive idea. Additionally, if you have a lot of data to submit and a limited amount of time, it could be frustrating.

Google Chat is more competitive with competing services like WhatsApp and Telegram thanks to this feature. Regarding a file number restriction, Google made no mention of it. The 200MB file size restriction is still unchanged.

This function is now available to iOS users. The feature is currently available to Android users and will continue to be available until October 3rd. You can check to see if you have the update right now if you use an Android phone. You should wait and come back every day if you don’t see it.


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