The business has created a free online pinball game starring the mascots of Android, Chrome, Flutter, and Firebase in advance of Google I/O this week.

Google creates a humorous app every year to showcase how the I/O conference brings together engineers from many fields by combining some of their greatest technology. The Google developer mascots Chrome Dino, Android Bugdroid, and Dart/Flutters Dash served as the virtual photo booth last year where you could take amusing snapshots with them.

The mascots are back this year in the shape of a pinball machine with a Google Developers theme. In keeping with the idea, I/O Pinball leverages Firebase for hosting and the leaderboard and Flutter to build a web app (Chrome) that integrates three key silos. Better yet, if you want to view how it was done , the game is also open source (the repo is linked in-game, but it is not yet open to the public).

Leaving aside the how and why, I/O Pinball is fundamentally a free, entertaining online game that entices us to play again and again. The flippers are easily controlled using your touchscreen or a set of keys. You can select which of the four mascots you want to represent you in the leaderboard and determine the color of your ball before you begin. You’ll also see that some of the game’s surroundings, such the arcade’s carpeting and the neon of other machines, have been changed to fit.

Google I/O Pinball free game, highscore board
Free I/O Pinball game from Google

I/O Pinball has a multitude of secrets, objectives, and opportunities to increase your score quickly, just like any decent pinball game should. Multiball is activated by disturbing Dash’s nest in the top-right corner, and your current ball’s score multiplier is boosted by the ramp leading to the Android spaceship.

Dino will consume your ball and spit it back out in a new direction when Sparky’s laptop briefly sets your ball on fire. In addition to the flippers, there are Google letters around that you may illuminate by rolling your mouse over specific Google Play locations. This is one more method for turning on multiball.

However, there are also small faults in the game; on rare occasions, pinballs will manage to clip through the flippers or the game freezing because there are too many sound effects. Despite these drawbacks, I/O Pinball still manages to be a fun, free time-killer that has some 9to5Google employees vying for the top spot.

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