You’re in luck if you detest shiny gadgets because they smear readily. Google essentially confirmed that the matte finish will be present in the black Pixel Watch variant.

A matte finish will be present on the black pixel watch model. The “matte black stainless steel casing” of the black Pixel Watch model is confirmed by the Google Taiwan YouTube channel. It seems like it won’t be accessible everywhere, which is strange because black models often are. For instance, it won’t be accessible in Taiwan. However, it seems likely that it will be offered for sale in both the US and Europe.

Advertisement Additionally, it was said that “Select channels exclusively carry the Obsidian Black Sport Strap and the Lemongrass Green Sport Strap.” Speaking of hues, coral, chalk, and charcoal straps are also anticipated.

The article’s embedded video contains the information that was shared in it. If you want to take another look at the Pixel Watch, it does show it from a variety of perspectives.

The last several weeks have seen a ton of Pixel Watch content. Only lately did its retail package materialize, bearing Fitbit branding. As the majority of you are well aware, Google now owns Fitbit.

Advertisement ON OCTOBER 6TH, IT WILL BECOME OFFICIAL. On October 6, the Pixel Watch is scheduled to go on sale. The business’s Pixel event will be held at that time. Along with other items, this wristwatch will debut at the same time as the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

Actually, the company’s first smartwatch (Pixel) will be the Pixel Watch. The Pixel line of smartphones also never included a Nexus smartwatch. But the moment has come.

As shown in the provided video, this smartwatch is not very big. On thicker wrists, it will really appear fairly little, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Women and others with narrower wrists will love it. There are already a ton of enormous smartwatches on the market, so there you go.

Advertisement Be aware that, in contrast to the Pixel 7 series, which will ship in October, the Pixel Watch is anticipated to reach customers in early November.


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