Following the TikTok-inspired Reels, Instagram’s upcoming major feature might be a replica of yet another emerging social media platform. Candid Challenges, a new feature being developed by the Meta-owned site, encourages users to post images of themselves without any filters or embellishments. The French social media app BeReal, which debuted in 2020, pioneered this idea.

This week, renowned app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi discovered the upcoming Instagram function. Include other Instagram stories in your tray. The firm describes Candid Challenges as a daily notification to take and share a photo in under two minutes. It enables users to issue two-minute challenges to their friends to share Candid photographs.

You will receive a random notification from Candid Challenges asking you to post a photo once every day, so you cannot plan ahead for it. Instagram will launch the camera application to take the picture if you accept the challenge. No filters or effects for the camera are available to you. A picture of your authentic self must be shared. The ability to activate the Dual Camera is the only other button you receive in addition to the shutter button. The image you share will show up on Instagram’s Stories menu.

Advertisement THE INSTAGCANDID CHALLENGES ARE A COPIED VERSION OF REAL Instagram Candid Challenges’ entire concept is a ripoff of BeReal. The latter allows users to post a spontaneous selfie for two minutes at any moment. The software advertises itself as a brand-new and distinctive method to learn more about your friends’ genuine selves in their everyday lives. Gen Z has shown to be a fan of this idea.

BeReal, which was introduced in 2020, gained popularity earlier this year. In recent months, it has frequently appeared in the top 10 most downloaded free apps, frequently ahead of Instagram and Facebook. The app had more than 20 million global installs as of July this year. It makes sense why platforms like Instagram have already copied it. Recently, the Meta-owned photo and video sharing website cloned the BeReals Dual Camera feature.

An Instagram official told Engadget that Candid Challenges are being developed in response to Paluzzi’s revelation. The fact that the corporation referred to it as an internal prototype suggests that the work just just got started. Candid Challenges is not yet being tested publicly. All indications, however, suggest that Instagram may be considering adding this BeReal clone to its platform. When we have more details on this feature, we’ll let you know.

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Embrace other people’s IG Candids in your story tray. Receive a notice to take and share a photo in 2 minutes each day at a different time.

Alessandro Paluzzi August 22, 2022 (@alex193a)


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