I’ve listed the top 7 medical applications for PC in this article so you can learn something new about medical topics.

You may learn a lot more about medical subjects with the aid of these apps, particularly if you are a medical student and spend the most of your time working on your PC. The Microsoft Store offers quick access to all of these medical apps.

The top PC medical applications of 2021 are

Offline Medical Dictionary Complete Anatomy 2021 DICOM Viewer Medical MCQs for Free with Dental Expert The Dental Directory Free 3D Human Visual Acupuncture Although each of these medical apps has a distinct size and has a different feature set, they are all free to download. Read the whole article to learn more about these PC medical applications.

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THE 7 BEST MEDICAL PC APPS OF 2021 The Microsoft Store makes it simple to download any of the medical apps listed below. All of these apps are also completely free.


best medical apps for pc in 2021; Complete Antonomy 2021
Credit: Microsoft Store

One of the top medical PC software, Complete Anatomy 2021 includes radiography and is designed for studying and remote instruction. It features incredible technology, models, and content and is the most sophisticated, accurate, and popular 3D anatomy software in the world.

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best medical apps for pc in 2021; DICOM Viewer Essential
Credit: Microsoft Store

With the help of this program, viewing and modifying medical photographs is made simple thanks to its simple user interface and favorable cost-benefit ratio. Every medical practitioner needs quality and productivity, which this app offers. Downloading Dicom Viewer from the Microsoft Store is simple.

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best medical apps for pc in 2021; offline medical dictionary
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One of the top medical programs for PCs, it is appropriate for all medical disciplines and has an offline medical dictionary with over 30,000 definitions. Utilizing this program is quite simple. It can be used in the same manner as a standard dictionary.

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best medical apps for pc in 2021; Dental Expert Free
Credit: Microsoft Store


The finest medical app for dental studies is called Dental Expert. It offers a variety of tools to help you learn and master your subjects while also making the learning experience enjoyable. Additionally, it provides a vast array of topics, including the fundamentals of medical studies and the entirety of dental studies. In this software, you can search for any topic to rapidly find answers.

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best medical apps for pc in 2021; Medical MCQs Free
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The greatest medical PC app for a rapid review of medical topics is called Medical MCQs. Use this app if you are a medical student or studying for different PrePG exams. Medical professionals and educators can both benefit from it. Over 29,000 multiple-choice questions about different medical topics may be found in medical MCQs.

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best medical apps for pc in 2021; The Dental Directory Free
Credit: Microsoft Store


One of the top medical apps for PC in 2021 is The Dental Directorys Free. It serves as a quick and easy ordering tool for all dental practices. The Price Match guarantee allows you to conveniently get the most recent products at the cheapest rates.

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best medical apps for pc in 2021; Visual Acupuncture 3D - Human
Credit: Microsoft Store

This PC program is for you if you wish to visually and interactively learn acupressure or acupuncture. With the help of this program, you may obtain a solid sense of how meridian channels flow and where they are located. It features an entire editable 3D anatomical model that can be used interactively.

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CONCLUSION These are the top medical PC apps that you may download and set up in 2021 if you want to learn something new about wellness and health.

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