The number of confirmed titles on The Steam Deck is enormous, but this week it reached a brand-new peak. The Steam Deck now contains 5,000 validated games, according to Valve. Numerous of them are AAA games from renowned studios. like Yakuza: Like A Dragon, FFVII Remake, and DOOM Eternal.

However, there are also a number of independent games that have been certified to have official support. Considering the full selection of games accessible on Steam, it is still simply a drop in the ocean. 5,000 is a sizable amount, though, and as of right now, it is more than enough to most certainly include at least one or two games that everyone would be interested in playing on the move.

Of course, Valve won’t stop after crossing the 5,000-mark. It will continue to raise that number as high as it can. What the majority of people should remember, however, is that Valve has made sure that 5,000 games have been confirmed to function on their portable gaming PC in less than a year.

Advertisement For the Steam Deck, Valve still has a ton of verified games to release. In the past, on August 30, Valve took a brief time to acknowledge attaining 5,000 certified titles. There are a ton more to go, it also states in that same tweet. There are still many to come, and we can think of at least a handful that are unexpectedly unconfirmed. Maybe those games won’t ever be verified.

It’s hard to say. However, Valve is assuring players that it will keep testing games to earn the verification badge. There’s a significant probability that many of those games, even ones without the authentication, are completely playable. It’s possible that Valve hasn’t yet tested them.

In light of this, don’t let the absence of a verification badge prevent you from playing. Install it, then use it. You might be pleasantly delighted to find that some games do in fact work, in which case. Valve has recently accelerated the production and shipping of the Steam Deck in addition to hitting 5,000 validated games. It has done it three times this year.

Advertisement Hey, another significant achievement On Steam Deck, we recently reached 5,000 tested, verified, and playable games. There are still a ton of games to play on Steam, so I just wanted to take a moment to rejoice!

(@OnDeck) Steam Deck August 30, 2022


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