Before the merger with Discovery starts, HBO Max has confirmed that it will remove 36 shows, including 20 originals, from its service. Artists have expressed discontent with this decision.

The merger of HBO Max and Discovery will take place in the summer of 2023, according to a recent statement from Warner Bros. Discovery. Due to the fact that they have already begun lending content to one another, the combination of two of the best streaming series available could provide users a number of advantages. However, the corporation opted to fire some of its employees who worked on reality and children’s programming after the merger. The change now has an impact on 36 HBO Max programs.

HBO MAX IS LOSSING 36 SHOWS. HBO Max, according to Variety , is cutting costs and concentrating on residuals by deleting less popular series. The Not-too-Late-Show with Elmo, the Sesame Street spinoff, and Peter Dinklage’s My Dinner with Herv can all be found among the shows that have been canceled. Some of HBO Max’s Cartoon Network programming is also being discontinued.

Advertisement We will be changing the content selection offered on both HBO Max and discovery as we continue to consolidate our content portfolios under a single platform, HBO Max informed Variety. That will involve some stuff being taken down from both platforms.

HBO Max has not yet specified the precise time at which these programs will be taken from its platform, although it shouldn’t take long and may occur in the following weeks. Therefore, even if your favorite show is on the banned list, there is still time for one last viewing.

However, because this choice may have an impact on their income and make it harder for people to find their work, artists are not thrilled about it. The artists whose pieces are about to be taken down ought to look elsewhere. Julia Pott, the creator of Summer Camp Island, disagreed with the choice, stating that the episodes she and her team spent two years working on during a pandemic will never be made available.

Advertisement This image of our team is a representation of the 37 teams of artists that discovered via the internet that HBO MAX was removing parts of their series, and that some of the episodes we worked on for two years during a pandemic would never be released. @discoveryplus doesn’t care about artists.

Julia Pott August 18, 2022 (@juliapott)


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