Today, it’s clear that young people’s enthusiasm for sports is growing quickly. You will undoubtedly play the sports game, regardless matter whether you are a professional athlete or just a regular guy who enjoys playing games on mobile. It differs from other typical games and has a unique fan base.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 sports games for Android that you’ll want to play in the coming year. Each of these sports games has received a high rating and 10 million downloads on the Google Play store.

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The top seven sports games for Android in 2021 are shown below. HORUS

7 Best Sports Games For Android to Play in 2021
Source: Play Store

What the Game Is

In this soccer game, you are only responsible for your player and not the team as a whole. You have to get through more than 800 levels. You can represent your country after completing each assignment and winning awards and trophies.

You can also take part in routine events to earn incentives and medals. With the scoring mechanism in this game, you have more freedom than ever to play how you choose. It features several cut sequences, intriguing animations, and realistic 3D graphics.

Your player can be customized to have a fantastic look. You can connect your game to Google Play to view the ranks. Additionally, a leaderboard with your accomplishments will be displayed.

Score! The hero is one of the top 5 sports games on Android, and it has more than 100 million downloads on the Google Play store.


7 Best Sports Games For Android to Play in 2021
Source: Play Store

In the 1v1 football game Head Ball 2, you can establish yourself as a football legend by scoring goals.
As a multiplayer football game with millions of players from all around the world, you can challenge your rival squad in this one.

Score more points to impress your opponent with your abilities. In the career mode, you can advance and earn unique characters, perks, and accessories. Additionally, it contains 5 distinct competitive football leagues and 125 unique characters. Additionally, you can upgrade your player with any number of accessories.

In this game, the legendary John Motson will provide commentary during some exciting moments with a real-time sound effect!
If you wish to play the game with your friends, you can also connect it to Facebook.
On the Google Play store, Head Ball 2 has over 50 million downloads, 1 million reviews, and a 4.0-star rating.
Actual Cricket 20

7 Best Sports Games For Android to Play in 2021
Source: Play Store

One of the top sports games for Android that you can play in 2021 is Real Cricket 20. It has a number of game modes that will provide you with a rich and realistic gaming experience, including challenge mode, the road to the road world cup, real-time multiplayer, etc.

Every time we watch a game, as is common knowledge, there is a commentator. Sanjay Manjrekar, one of the top cricket commentators in the world, provided the voice of commentary for this game. Both English and Hindi-language comments are available.

You can also choose to let your friends see the exhilarating game highlights. You can choose to save the match.
You can control the timing of the match in this game. The game can be played in the morning, afternoon, or evening.
Real Cricket includes real stadiums, competitions, test matches, brand-new professional camera systems to present your match’s highlights, and much more.
On the Google Play store, this game has over 10 million downloads and a 4.2 star rating.
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Tennis Clash: A Free Online Sports Game for One Player Show off your tennis prowess to your buddies by playing Tennis Clash online. Although it is a real-time sports game, an internet connection is required to play it.

Online tennis games allow you to play quick multiplayer 1v1 matches and participate in championship sporting events all over the world.
Tennis Clash offers enjoyable to learn sports gameplay that is tailored for mobile devices.

It’s an online tennis game that takes place in real time. Tennis players at the amateur, semi-pro, and professional levels are all free to unlock. Choose the greatest coach and fitness trainer for your team, and put together the strongest team possible. Amazing music effects and breathtaking 3D graphics are featured in Tennis Clash. You may also open up a number of sports venues, including Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro.

This game has received a 4.2 star rating overall and has been downloaded 10 million times from the Google Play store.

7 Best Sports Games For Android to Play in 2021
Source: Play Store

One of the top sports games for Android in 2021 is Archery Battle 3D, which has over 5 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating out of 5.

The #1 3D and most thrilling multiplayer archery game allows you to engage in quick-fire archery duels.

Additionally, when you participate in 1v1 tournaments, you may challenge your friends and play in stunning settings against gamers from all over the world in real-time.

Features of Archery Battle 3D
simple controls that require only holding and releasing to fire at the target.
Real-time 1-on-1 combat in quick succession.
Take part in competitions with gamers from all around the world to earn money and incentives.
Open the chests to find stronger bows and arrows.

In addition to all of this, you may test your talents against friends by linking the game to your Facebook account. The game has incredible 3D graphics so you won’t get tired easy.

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Golf Battle: A Multiplayer Mini Golf Game is number six. The best free golf game ever has multiplayer mini-golf matches where you may compete against your pals. You can compete against actual gamers from across the globe and work your way to the top.

Either you can play with six Facebook pals at once or you can defeat your buddies one-on-one.

The game is incredibly enjoyable, and the control configuration is simple. In this thrilling game of golf, you can play on more than 120 mini golf courses.

Golf Battle has a number of intriguing elements, including

you and your friends can play golf on the same course and watch each other in real time. The ball can be altered to suit your preferences. Explore incredible golf courses all across the world. Play online multiplayer games against other golfers in real-time. On the Google Play store, this game has received 50 million downloads and is available for both mobile devices and tablets.

7. PES 2021 EFOOTBALL This game is for you if you’re a fan of football. In the most recent version of this game’s Festive Season Campaign, Messi and nine other football legends are available for free signing.

You can revisit more unforgettable moments from the careers of current and former football heroes thanks to the new Iconic Moment Series now available on

With both local and online multiplayer features, you may play real-time online matches and compete against friends nearby and around the globe. You can participate in a variety of additional competitive esports events after honing your talents.

Since the game is over 1.9GB in size, you might need a fast internet connection to download it. The game boasts gorgeous graphics and fantastic sound effects, and it can be downloaded for free.

On the Google Play market, eFootball PES 2021 has received more than 50 million downloads and a rating of 4.3 stars overall.
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CONCLUSION ON THE 7 BEST SPORTS GAMES FOR ANDROID IN 2021 We’ve listed the top 7 games that have millions of downloads on the Google Play store, ranging from Score! Hero to eFootball PES 2021. These games have a 4.0 star rating out of 5 and have a ton of great reviews. Additionally, each game is available for free download.


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