French cooking techniques are also quite well-liked over the world, in addition to French cuisine. You should watch these top French food YouTubers if you want to learn how to make French foods.

If we consider France, their cuisine is an integral aspect of their culture. French people place a high value on social gatherings because they think that eating should be done in groups. After watching the videos on these YouTube channels, you will develop a love for French cuisine as well.

The top YouTubers for French cuisine include

The French Culinary Institute Good Luck Cooking French Food with Alex the French Guy YouCookCuisine FastGood Cuisine Love to Cook These food-related YouTubers have been covered in-depth, along with information about their channels, views, subscribers, and other statistics. The complete article should be read if you want to learn more about it.

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TOP 2021 FRENCH FOOD YOUTUBERS TO FOLLOW These YouTube channels listed below upload their food videos on a weekly basis. The best French cooking techniques can be learned by following these channels.

THE FRENCH CULINARY COLLEGE One of the top French food YouTubers, Stphane, is the head of the French Cooking Academy. He made it possible for lots of people to quickly learn how to make delectable French cuisine. His online culinary school is also operated by him, and if you’re interested in taking one of his classes, visit More than 509k people subscribe to this YouTube channel, and his videos have received a total of 30 million views.

BON APPETIT Bon Appetit is a cuisine channel on YouTube that features simple home-preparation dishes. If you enjoy both cooking and eating, you should subscribe to this channel because it offers free content. You may improve your cooking abilities while relaxing at home if you subscribe to Bon Appetit. Since its launch on April 30, 2008, this YouTube channel has amassed more than 1 billion views and 5.8 million subscribers.

Cooking by Alex French Guy One of the top YouTubers for French cuisine is Alex. He is a self-taught filmmaker and cook who succeeds in making culinary videos for YouTube. Since its launch on March 15, 2013, the Alex French Guy Cooking channel has amassed nearly 2 million subscribers. His videos have received 1.5 billion views in total.

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FRENCHS Frenchs is essentially an American culinary company that makes condiments like mustard and fried onions. You may get incredible French cuisine such as instructions for making beer-basted sausages and mustard ice cream on this brand’s own YouTube channel, which goes by the same name. To receive the most recent updates, subscribe to the Frenchs YouTube channel. Despite having only 11.7k subscribers, this channel’s videos have received over 4 million views.

FASTGOODCUISINE This YouTube channel has scrumptious meals that are quick and simple to make at home. In addition, you’ll get advice on using food as a shortcut, odd movies, and other fun ideas like the Yes Man challenge. Every week, new videos are added to this channel. You can therefore follow them to stay up to date. 4.29 million people subscribe to and watch FastGoodCuisine.

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YOUCOOKCUISINE One of the top French culinary YouTube channels is YouCookCuisine. You can get weekly updates on the new recipes here. Additionally, you’ll be able to learn certain cooking methods that you may apply in your kitchen to simplify meal preparation. There are over 600k subscribers and over 60 million views on this channel. You can also explore their official blog,, if you wish to learn some recipes.

PLAY AT COOKING This YouTube channel’s name suggests that it would provide you with a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to cook. This channel’s dependability is one of the reasons why most viewers stick with it. Every month, a new video will always be released. This YouTube channel was founded in 2015, and as of this writing, it has 526k subscribers and 10 million total video views.

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CONCLUSION These are the top YouTubers for French cuisine. These YouTube channels are simple to locate among the ones listed above. Even though some of these food channels are new, all of them offer high-quality programming.

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