In today’s world, everything has changed, and we now rely entirely on the internet. You have come to the right place if you’re looking for some family-friendly Android apps. I’m here to share the top family-friendly Android apps for 2021.

In the modern world, protecting ourselves from the oddities has become practically necessary. Whether we are looking for information for our schooling or are just skimming for fun, we are always on our phones. Children find it challenging to distinguish between what is good for them and what is bad. Technology has facilitated our lives by building a wonderful virtual reality for us. So why not choose the top family-friendly Android applications this year?

We spend the majority of our time on social media, thus we must have used that time productively or for actual job. You may spend quality time with your family by using these top family applications for Android.

The top family-friendly Android apps include:
One is Google Family Link
WhatsApp Messenger 5.
6. No-equipment at-home workout
Candy Crush Saga, 7.
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The best family-focused Android apps These are, in my opinion, the top family-friendly Android apps, and you can use them to pass the time during free time.

best family apps for android 2021
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from Google Family

This Google app is a free parental control tool. Parents can effortlessly monitor their children’s online behavior. It is listed among the top family apps for Android because of this.


With the aid of the app, you can quickly view every activity that your child engages in. With remote access to your smartphone, you can also manage the apps you want your child to use and set a screen time limit for them. If your children are using a smartphone, this app can also help you locate them. Cons

If any family member uses a platform other than Android, it is worthless because it can only be utilized on Android smartphones. This program is not for you if your child is older than 13 years old. Ratings: The play store gives this app a 4.0 rating.

Best Family Apps for Android 2021
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On YouTube, you can watch anything with your family. It offers a variety of content and aids in providing answers to all of your queries. It’s a top-notch app for users of all ages.

The app can be used for nothing. YouTube has all the knowledge you need. The app is simple to use. You are also able to make money using it. Cons

For family sharing, you must purchase YouTube Premium. Ratings: It has a 4.5-star rating.

best family apps for android 2021
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Everybody enjoys listening to the music of their choosing. Therefore, this is a fantastic app that offers free music and podcast streaming. You can choose between classical and jazz, or any other genre of your choosing, and old songs and pop music. Anyone, regardless of age, can appreciate listening to their favorite genres of music.

On Spotify, you can quickly search for any song. The song name must be entered before you can hear the music. The name of the performer can also be used to search. You can also create your own playlist. Song downloads from Spotify are simple. Cons

There are numerous advertisements, and the premium version is required to listen without them. Not all nations have access to it. The lyrics feature occasionally fails to work. Ratings: The play store gives this app a 4.5-star rating.

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best family apps for android 2021
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You can purchase anything you want using this online shopping app. Comparatively speaking, its prices are lower than those of the market. One of the top family-friendly Android apps is this one.

Both voice commands and photo searches are features of it. It provides free or inexpensive home delivery. You can use the app to keep up with the newest fashion trends. It accepts online payments as well as cash on delivery. If you are not completely happy with your purchase within two weeks of delivery, you can immediately return it. Cons

You occasionally won’t receive the exact product pictured. Fragile products can occasionally be damaged. Ratings: The play store gives it a 4.1 rating.

best family apps for android 2021
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You may quickly connect with your family members using this social networking software and make free audio and video chats. On an Android device, you can send an unlimited number of instant messages. WhatsApp Web is also available for desktop use. Anyone from any group can effortlessly use it.

On WhatsApp, you can effortlessly transfer any type of file, including photographs, documents, MP4s, and MP3s. During a video call, up to eight persons can be connected simultaneously. Additionally, sharing your live location with anyone is simple. If you don’t want to send messages, you can send voice notes on WhatsApp instead. If someone’s phone number is saved on your smartphone, you can find them quickly. Cons

Whatsapp is occasionally used to propagate fake news. Whatsapp’s privacy policies have drawn a lot of criticism. This requires internet access in order to function. Ratings: This app has a 4.3-star rating.

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best family apps for android 2021
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This is a fantastic fitness app that can be utilized by everyone who is obsessed with their health. You are not required to work out in the gym. This software is simple to use at home and explains everything you need to do to keep active.

There is no need for a coach or any equipment. Any workout you want to undertake can be simply found through a search. While exercising, all directions are given in an automated voice. Every exercise comes with an animated video that instructs you if you’re performing it improperly. From beginning level to advanced level, you can get a full training session. You can work out your entire body, including your chest, arms, shoulders, back, legs, lower body, and abs. Using the information you submit, it also determines your BMI. Cons

This software is unable to maintain a physical check to see if you are performing all of your activities. You must commit to doing that every day and be serious about it. If you don’t pay close enough attention to the instructions given, you risk hurting yourself. You would benefit if you were extra cautious about everything. Ratings: This app has a 4.9-star rating.


best family apps for android 2021
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Millions of gamers enjoy this straightforward gaming app, and it is played every day by many of them. Everyone of any age can play it. You must swap the candy to obtain identical candies in this puzzle game. These sweets throw off a blast when matched, earning you points and assisting you in moving on to higher levels.

With this game, you can spend the time without much difficulty, and it is a fun game. Your skill to solve puzzles will be tested in this game. It is a fun game that everyone can play. Cons

Since the game is extremely addictive, you must learn when to put it down and return to your work. The game is for one player alone. Ratings: It received a 4.6 rating.

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These are the top family-friendly Android apps available this year. All of these family-friendly apps are simple to use and open to users of all ages. These apps all fall into different categories, but we use them on a daily basis. In 2021, these were the top family-oriented Android apps.

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