The most played genre of video games right now is simulation, and practically everyone enjoys playing them. Since all simulation games are based on real-world activities and role-playing, they are addicting. We have an immersive experience that makes us feel like we are playing outside.

Although there are many various kinds of simulation games, they are all enjoyable to play. I’ve compiled a list of the top iOS simulation games available in 2021 in this article. These may all be downloaded for free from the iOS store.

Bus Simulator: Ultimate, Vlogger Go Viral, From Zero to Hero: Cityman, Space Flight Simulator, Train Station: Rail Transport, Farming Simulator 14, and Teacher Simulator are some of the top simulation games available for iOS.

By reading the entire page, you can learn more about these games in depth, including their size, features, and compatibility with different devices.
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The Top 7 iOS Simulation Games for 2021 Each game in the list of games below has millions of downloads on the app store and a rating of at least 4.0 stars.


7 best simulation games for iOS
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The creators of the most well-known simulation game, Truck Simulator 2018: Europe, have released a brand-new game called Bus Simulator, which is among the greatest simulation games for iOS.

This game has a realistic bus driving simulation that every fan of buses needs. You will visit a variety of locations, including the USA, Russia, Germany, Brazil, and many more.

Important aspects of this game

Realistic Multiplayer Ultimate League Graphics 250 radio stations aboard 13 different Coach buses Weather that is realistic Amazing sound effects Simple controls The Sus Simulator Ultimate is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later and has a total file size of 841.2Mb on the iOS store.

7 best simulation games for iOS
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Making viral videos in this game enables you to achieve internet fame and financial success. To start a vlog, all you need is a basic camera setup and an idea in your head.

Produce additional videos and run your own YouTube channel. Obtain views, subscribers, and fame. In this game, there is a ton more to do.

Numerous upgrades several themes from which to choose Control the channel. View the videos you produce One of the most downloaded simulation games for iOS, with a 160.8Mb file size. However, iOS 9.0 and later are compatible with the game.


7 best simulation games for iOS
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In this life simulation game, you must start your career from scratch as someone without a job, a home, or any money.
You must discover a way to get employment and make money. Do stock market trading and a lot more.

You could run for president. Play some pool or do anything else to make you happier. Technical issues are resolved Open a business Engage in trading This game requires iOS 9.0 or later and has a total file size of 398.7Mb in the iOS app store.

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7 best simulation games for iOS
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Rocket science has been made incredibly simple with the help of this game. Building a rocket in pieces and launching it into space to conduct an investigation is the main focus of the space flight simulator. This game is enjoyable, and if you enjoy space exploration or rocketry, you’ll love it.

Principal Elements of Space Flight Simulator

Make a rocket of your own Accurate physics of rockets believable planets Broad Universe Conquer the orbit A lunar and mars landing The game has a 4.6 star rating overall and a total file size of 101.5Mb in the iOS app store. It works with the majority of iOS devices and requires iOS 10.0 or later.


7 best simulation games for iOS
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You will like playing this fantastic train game, which is among the best simulation games available for iOS. You can discover true tales about the trains you will amass in this game. Manage numerous activities on your station to generate resources.

Key TrainStation Features

Weekly revisions Obtain new accomplishments Make new pals Examine the railroad industry Excellent graphics; realistic surroundings This game is 87.1Mb in size and needs iOS 10.0 or later to function.

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Agriculture Simulator 14

7 best simulation games for iOS
Credit: iOS store

You must begin a profession in agriculture and realize your agricultural goal in Farming Simulator 14 by taking charge of your vast farms and fields.
This is one of the top simulation games for iOS, and you will employ a selection of wonderful Vehicles.

High-Definition Graphics available for multiplayer Plant corn and wheat, then market it Gain income by offering grass. Employ assistants This game is 136.4Mb in size and belongs to the family simulation games category. However, this game is supported with iOS 6.0 or later and has a 4.0 star rating in the iOS store.


7 best simulation games for iOS
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Get ready to become a teacher by sharpening your pencils and learning what it takes to be the finest teacher. Investigate the schools and get ready to address the students’ concerns and queries. Catch the cheats in the classroom as well.

Transmit cheaters to the teacher Respond to inquiries from pupils. to excel as a teacher Earn rewards One of the top simulation games for iOS, Teacher Simulator has a total file size of 139.2Mb. It works with both the iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 10.0 or later.

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CONCLUSION The finest simulation games for iOS are all of those that were mentioned above. The download and play of these iOS games are both completely free. Additionally, you may distribute these games to your friends so they can play them too.

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