Over the course of their existence, kit vehicle designs are frequently sold between manufacturers as one company runs out of money and another acquires its assets because of their specialized customer base and slim profit margins. A noteworthy example is the Riot kit car, which was first offered by Sylva Autokits and was named Kit Car of the Year by Complete Kit Cars Magazine immediately after its introduction in 2005. (via Riot Cars ). After being sold to Xmoor Motorsports, a different small British business, the design was updated and marketed as the Riot Classic in 2013.

One of the least expensive sports car kits available, the Classic starting kit is listed by Riot’s website for about £4,595 (roughly $5,150) including taxes. This consists of a chassis, body, and wheels, and a variety of Ford EcoBoost engines are additionally available. With the 1.6-liter Ford 4-cylinder recommended by Riot installed, the mid-mounted engine is capable of 210 horsepower. That’s a lot given that the car only weighs 480 kg (1,058 pounds).

Factory Five Racing ) Factory Five.

Company Five Along with producing kits for replicas of some of America’s best automobiles, Factory Five also created its own original sports car, the 818. It comes in three different configurations: roadster (818S), racing (818R), and coupe (818C), however the coupe is likely the most adaptable of the three (via Factory Five Racing ). The 818, like all of the company’s vehicles, focuses on performance and handling even though it’s perhaps one of the most attractive kit sports cars available. The 818 utilises the Subaru Impreza/running WRX’s gear, but thanks to a lightweight chassis and body panels, its curb weight is only 1,800 pounds (818 kilograms, hence the name).

The kit costs $13,990 and Factory Five assert that the 818 can be put into operation for less than $15,000 with the right kind of inexpensive donor vehicle. Many components from the Impreza/WRX, including as the front and rear spindles, steering rack, and pedal box, may be put directly onto the 818. Although the original engine from the Impreza fits perfectly into the engine compartment of the 818, builders seeking the highest level of performance can take advantage of the Subaru’s robust aftermarket to extract every last horsepower from the dependable Boxer engine.

at Lotus Seven

Outstanding British Sports Cars If the Westfield is still a bit out of your price range, another British manufacturer offers even more affordable kit cars based on the Lotus Seven. The Zero kit is offered by GBS or Great British Sports Cars and can be shipped directly to the United States from the manufacturer. The Zero kit costs approximately $15,300 at the current currency rate, including the 5% export tax. Turn-key versions are also available for purchase, although they are not offered for North American customers.

Both Mk1 and Mk2 variants of the Mazda Miata are appropriate as a donor vehicle for the American-spec Zero package. Similar to the majority of other Miata-based kit cars, the factory Miata’s engine can be used for assembly, though upgrades are simple to install. Although it may resemble its rivals in certain ways, the Zero’s distinctive front-mid engine configuration guarantees nearly-perfect 50:50 weight distribution , distinguishing it from similar Lotus Seven-based designs.

Vintage automobiles One of the most recognizable vehicles produced by the business is the Porsche 356, of which more than 76,000 were made (via Hemmings ). More than half of them were sold to America, but the most majority were discarded in favor of scrap metal a very long time ago, with rust being the biggest enemy of the automobiles. As a result, there is a huge demand for 356 replicas. Vintage Motorcars, based in California, offers one that is aesthetically identical and is built on a VW Beetle chassis. The vehicle, known as the Speedster, can be purchased as a kit or as a finished product with the Stage 1 kit costing just $12,500 .

Builders have a lot of additional work to do because the initial kit only includes the fiberglass body, steel sub-frame, doors, and bumpers. Even so, finding a cheap donor Beetle is still feasible, and the Speedster is built to support a variety of engines to keep prices down. Although the kit is also compatible with Type IV (Porsche 914) and Subaru water-cooled engines, a conventional Type 1 engine can be installed (via Riot Cars 0 ).


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