The most popular online video streaming app is YouTube. It is very well-liked and has approximately 2 billion monthly users. It makes it simple to find stuff of any interest. We will discuss the top YouTubers from Peru as well as their most popular video-making categories in this article.

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Ceviche peruano cooking lesson in Cusco There is no shortage of content on YouTube, whether it be lifestyle or instructive videos. The way of life comprises general videos, makeup, and travel. You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re a fan of Peru. You can see the top Peruvian YouTubers with their categories on Team Deasilex’s list.

Gianella Clavijo, Jorge Luna, Mohamed Hussein Mohemed, Carlos Alonso Espinal Daza, Alejandro Del Carpio, Johanaadelacruz, Angel Rivera, Kaimolinellii, Bryan Navarro, and La Abuela Norma are the top Peruvian YouTubers.

This is a list of the most well-known YouTubers from Peru. They produce videos in a variety of genres and enjoy a large fan base there.

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The best Peruvian influencers on YouTube and Instagram YouTubers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each one excels in a particular specialty. Find your preferred category and follow the YouTubers you enjoy. The list of the top YouTubers from Peru is provided below, along with information on their specialties and other details.

Peruvian Youtubers - Gianella Clavijo


Gianella Clavijo is a YouTuber from Peru. Her interests include comedy, media, and television. She produces a lot of cosmetic lesson videos from her home in Arequipa. She has 837 followers and 573K followers on Instagram, where she is very active.

Username on Instagram: @giaclavijo27
Gianella Clavijo’s channel on YouTube:
Added on: Mar. 9, 2013
Views: 30,904,758
LUNA, Jorge

Peruvian Youtubers - jorge luna
Credits: Trome

Another well-known YouTuber from Peru is Jorge Luna, who specializes in humor and television media. The humorous creations of the YouTuber and Instagram influencer are well-known. Everything is clear from the YouTuber’s explanation. This is my bio, yet it contains no information about me.

Username on Instagram: @jorgelunalunera
YouTube Channel:
Added On: November 9, 2010
Views: 54,815

Peruvian Youtubers - Mohamed Hussein Mohemed

Peruvian YouTuber and Instagram influencer Mohamed Hussein Mohemed has 704K followers. He founded M15 Brand and serves as its CEO. He maintains the M15-TV YouTube channel from his home in Tanzania, Peru. He publishes lifestyle videos, most of which are football interviews and videos with clothing.

Username on Instagram: @official mohamedhussein15
Channel on YouTube: MQ/featured
Date Joined: 25 August 2019
Views: 27,109
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Carlos Alonso Espinal Daza

Peruvian YouTuber Carlos Alonso Espinal Daza is a rising star. He is currently employed as a content advisor for network projects. He works in comedy and television media and resides in the Peruvian province of Lima. He has 398 posts and 98.6K followers on Instagram, where he spends most of his time.

Username on Instagram: @carlosespinal95
Channel URL:
Added On: September 11, 2012
Views: 3

Alejandro Del Carpio
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In Peru, Alejandro Del Carpio is a well-known youtuber. He resides in Peru’s Callao. He has 166K Followers and is active on Instagram. Together with a friend, he manages the notepiequestv YouTube channel. They produce videos about lifestyle, pets, dance, sports, and photography.

Username on Instagram: @delcarpio96
Notepiquestv’s YouTube channel may be found at
Added On: 29 January 2014

Jennifer De La Cruz YouTuber and social media influencer Johanna De La Cruz has 618 Instagram followers and 219K Instagram followers. Her interests are in food and way of living. She has 810K subscribers on YouTube, where she is very well-known.

username on Instagram: @johanaadelacruz
YouTube Channel: JoshuaDeLaCruzz/videos (
Added On: August 18, 2013
Views: 47,764,349
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RIVERA, Angel Angel Rivera is a Peruvian Youtuber and Instagram Influencer. Fashion, models, music, movies, theater, dance, and dancers are some of his interests. He is one of the top YouTubers in Peru because to his 26.7K subscribers.

Username on Instagram: @imangelrivera
Angel Rivera’s featured YouTube channel may be found at:
Added on: May 4, 2019
Views: 530,379

Ki Moorelli Kai Molinellii is a YouTuber from Peru who primarily enjoys sports, movies, theater, and dance. With 203K followers on Instagram, he is pretty well-known. He is among the finest YouTubers in Peru thanks to his 73.2K subscribers.

Username on Instagram: @kaimolinellii
Featured YouTube Channel:
joined on January 10, 2015
Views: 673,636

DAVID NAVARRO Bryan Navarro resides in the Peruvian province of Lima. He has 994 followers and 115K Instagram followers, making him an influential user. He is one of the most well-known YouTubers from Peru and also creates vlogs for the platform.

Username on Instagram: @bryannavarroa ‘s YouTube channel
Added On: 23 January 2017
Views: 245,254

Los Abuelos Norama On YouTube, La Abuela Norma is known as Grandma Norma. She does vlogs for enjoyment, and because of the way she does so, she is a well-known YouTuber in Peru.

Username on Instagram: @labuelanorma
the LaabuelaNorma YouTube channel at
Added On: June 10, 2009
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CONCLUSION These were the most well-known Instagram influencers and the top-rated YouTubers from Peru. We advise taking a quick glance at their videos. You’ll undoubtedly find them fascinating. Please respond to us in the comments box; Deasilex is waiting for them.

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