The emergence of the internet has revealed all. The well-built men we typically see in movies are typically from Africa. When we see tall, dark, and gorgeous men, the first thing we consider is their diet. In terms of African food, at least. We are here to provide you with the top African YouTube channels that will explain African cuisine.

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13 Unbelievable Places In Africa That You Must See For Yourself | African Vibes Speaking of African cuisine, the Africans don’t import food from our side; instead, they use whatever ingredients are available to them. Typically, they use produce grown nearby, including fruits, vegetables, and meats. They prepare their cuisine with meat and milk. Africa is a big continent, and the food that is consumed varies from the North to the South to the Central to the Western to the Eastern. Read the list of the top Black cooking YouTube channels that feature the best African cuisines below. These channels include food from all around Africa.

The top YouTube channels for African food include

Every eater in or out of Africa should subscribe to these top African food YouTube channels. Below are details and direct links to these YouTube channels featuring African food.

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THE BEST AFRICAN FOOD CHANNELS ON YOUTUBE African cuisine is distinctive and rich in proteins and vitamins. The food’s unique selling point is that it is produced from locally grown ingredients. These YouTube channels for African food will transport you to the continent and let you know what’s cooking.

THE CHEF LOLAS KITCHEN One of the most well-known African food YouTube channels is Chef Lolas Kitchen. Two videos are uploaded to the channel each month, and it was founded by a Black woman named Chef Lola. The chef refers to her YouTube channel as her platform for sharing her passion for cooking with the globe.

Added on: December 15, 2014
Views: 15,577,566
456 K subscribers
193 videos total

THE NIGERIAN VEGAN A travel and vegan cuisine vlog on YouTube, The Vegan Nigerian is an African food channel. The vegan food events are included in the YouTuber’s videos, and she typically uses Nigerian ingredients and cooking techniques. Her YouTube channel is the greatest to visit if you enjoy Nigerian cuisine and customs.

Added On: August 15, 2014
Views: 242,751
6.78 K subscribers

TYPICAL FOOD HILL You can learn how to make easy, uncommon, and difficult foods by watching Onyx Cuisine Hill, one of the most popular African food YouTube channels. The YouTuber is a funny man, and the videos are frequently interesting and amusing. One video is uploaded on YouTube by the user every week.

Date Joined: August 6, 2016
Views: 8,258,249
449 videos total
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TV SHAPEUPAFRICAN The native YouTube channel created for Africans is called Shapeupafrica Tv. The channel’s unique selling point is that the chef creates excellent and nutritious food from inexpensive local ingredients. If you want to prepare a great and healthy meal for your family, you can subscribe to the youtube channel. Three videos are posted to the channel’s channel every quarter.

Date of Joining: September 21, 2014
Views: 1,353,255
27.7 K subscribers
205 videos total

Recipes by KADI The proprietor of the YouTube channels for African cuisine enjoys it. She states in her bio that she enjoys cooking and eating African cuisine. In her channel, you can get dishes from all the African nations. One video is uploaded on YouTube by the user each week.

Added on: November 7, 2010
Views: 6,743,293
36.6 K subscribers
183 videos total

AFRICA BANGA An African mother runs the YouTube channel Banga Africa, which features African cuisine. The YouTuber desired anonymity for her identity. She essentially cooks and instructs others on how to make delectable munchies. If you have any questions about the recipe, the YouTuber responds via emails. Twelve videos are uploaded annually on average.

Date of Joining: October 31, 2017
Views: 707,979
115 videos total
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AFRICAN KEDOTIME The YouTube channel for African food called African Keto Diet mostly focuses on the keto African diet. The channel focuses on African Delicacies and both the keto diet and lifestyle. The channel uploads videos at a rate of 19 times year.

Added on: January 5, 2015
Views: 4,103,666
63.9 K subscribers
272 videos total

ELEGANT KITCHEN The African food YouTube channel Precious Kitchen is maintained by a user by the name of Precious. The channel is renowned for offering recipes for African-inspired family dinners, quick breakfasts, snacks, and puddings. The YouTuber uploads one video every three months on average.

Date of Entry: February 26, 2016
Views: 5,706,149
82.7 K subscribers
138 videos total

THE CUISINE OF SOUTH AFRICA The Channel was created with consideration for African cuisine’s culinary tradition and culture. Three videos are uploaded by the YouTuber per day on average.

Date of Joining: November 23, 2015
Views: 29,617,261
863 videos total.

Kitchen LFE Ifes Kitchen is an African food YouTuber that creates vlogs featuring food from Nigeria and the African continent. One video is uploaded every day according to the frequency.

Added On: June 5, 2019
Views: 35,229
52 videos total.
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CONCLUSION These were the top African YouTube channels dedicated to cooking. These resources assist you in learning about African culture and its people. These YouTube vlogs teach you how to prepare delectable African cuisine. I hope you like seeing these. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments area.

SUBSTANTIAL QUESTIONS Who is the highest-paid African YouTuber?

Casper Lee is the highest-paid or wealthiest YouTuber in Africa. Casper Lee reportedly makes $300,000 each month from the YouTube content he uploads. Since 2011, he has been working on his YouTube channel, which has received 841 million views so far.

Which YouTube culinary channel is the best?
The top YouTube channels for African cooking include

Kitchen of Chef Lola The dishes from The Vegan Nigerian Onyx Food Hill ShapeupAfrican Tv kadi Foodies of South Africa’s Precious Kitchen, Banga Africa, and lfes Kitchen Focus on Food SA South Africa’s Eat Out Tanzanian Cuisine Who produces the finest food videos?

The top food vloggers right now, based on the amount of subscribers, are

Debra Pansino 12.4 Million Babish Binges 7,500,000 Epic Meal Time 7.5 Million Simon Wiens Best Ever Food Review Show Views: 6.5 Million Maangchi Number: 5.4 Million The Food Ranger, 4.9 Million How to Cook That, 4.5 Million How to Cake It: 4.4 Million 4.3 Million Tipsy Bartender Village Food Factory for 4 Million Laura in the Kitchen: 3.9 Million Source of the featured image, 3.7 Million:


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