Do you feel anxious when you see your belly up? Can’t manage exercise while staying at home? You missed your daily workout because of quarantine? Don’t worry; we have a nice surprise in store for you. We are aware of how challenging it may be at times to balance housework and fitness. People, especially moms, rarely take time for themselves.

The lockout forces many fitness instructors to halt their gym workouts. Since there was no way to get outside and gyms were closed, many people tried working out at home. The top fitness workouts on YouTube were created in the interim by a large number of fitness influencers.

The Fitness Marshall, Popsugar Fitness, Blogilates, Yoga with Adriene, HASfit, FitnessBlender, NateBowerFitness, Robertas Gym, and a long list of others are among the finest Quarantine Workout YouTube channels. These are all really well-liked YouTube Channels that share the top Quarantine exercises.

These channels will take care of your fitness, so you no longer need to worry about it. Who are the creators of these well-known channels? They started their channels when? Here is a thorough rundown of everything.

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Best Quarantine Workout Channels on YouTube; 10 Best Quarantine Workout Channels on YouTube


Zero percent – Here is a list of the top 10 Youtube channels for quarantine workouts to assist you in keeping up your quarantine workout schedule. Keep fit while staying at home.

THE FITNESS MARSHALL HAS 3.19 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS. DANCE WORKOUTS The 12th of September saw the launch of this channel. I really adore this fitness channel and kept up with it while I was in quarantine because it consistently releases the top training videos. It’s so much pleasure to watch and follow the videos. Additionally, the audience loves and finds the training videos to be more interesting due to the amazing song selection.

This channel recently surpassed 3.19 million views. A 20-minute strength training session with weights (79K Views), a 30-minute class workout with teacher Sophie Kos (35K Views), etc. are some of the most recent workout videos on the channel.

HIIT Workouts: 5.62 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS OF POPSUGAR FITNESS The network launched on November 22, 2010. You may undertake a high-intensity workout using this HIIT Quarantine workout channel. This kind of exercise generally starts the session with slow running and ends with jogging. After then, a 10-second pause is taken before performing high-intensity workouts.

The channel publishes incredibly fantastic, simple-to-follow dancing workouts that are appropriate for their pace. 30 minute cardio Latin dance workout (23 million views), 30 minute hip hop tabata to torch calories (28 million views), and more recent training videos are available on the channel.

MORE THAN JUST PILATES EXERCISES: BLOGILATES 5.52 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS Cassey Ho serves as the host of this renowned Quarantine exercise channel. She holds a certification in Pilates and is a well-known fitness instructor. According to Cassey, being fit involves more than just having a decent external appearance. The channel launched on June 13, 2009.

Back stretching to make you look taller (39K views), 10 minutes of equipment-free cardio for fat burning, and 15 minutes of full-body pilates are recent fitness videos on the channel (163K views).

9.69 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS YOGA WORKOUTS: YOGA WITH ADRIENE Adriene launched the channel on August 30, 2012. She created this channel in order to teach everyone yoga for free. Many people think yoga to be somewhat monotonous, but her channel dispels this stereotype as well. Her vids are all incredibly soothing.

Yoga for renewal (with 221K views), Yoga for a fresh start (with 931K views), Yoga with Uncertainty (with 975K views), etc. are recent yoga videos on her channel.

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WORKOUTS FOR STRENGTH TRAINING: 1.65 MILLION HASFIT SUBSCRIBERS This channel launched on December 7th, 2007. Popular Quarantine fitness channel HASfit espouses the notion that everyone’s heart and soul deserve to be in good physical shape. These programs and challenges for fitness last 30 to 90 days. You can also adhere to the regular diet and exercise schedules stated on the channel.

Follow this channel if you want results that can be seen and you will notice the change. Recent weight reduction and fitness videos on the channel include 10 Minutes Abdominal Workout (with 345K views), Full Body Workout with Dumbbells at Home (with 120K views), and Low Impact Cardio Workout at Home (with 65K views).

5-MINUTE WORKOUTS: 6.56 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS OF FITNESSBLENDER The 19th of January 2010 saw the launch of this channel, which has already amassed over 898 videos. One of the top channels for Quarantine exercise is this one. The online training calendar offered by this Quarantine workout channel is its best feature for keeping track of our efforts and progress. They give you the best exercises at home.

Daniel and Kelli, a couple, are the channel’s owners and hosts. They provide you with the best dietary advice that is also fully informed on health.

Workouts for boxing at NATEBOWERFITNESS ASSIGNS: 283K Nate Bower launched the channel on September 14, 2009. There are currently over 356 videos on the channel. Nate is a Toronto, Canada-based professional boxer, personal trainer, fighter, and athlete. Watch this channel if you enjoy boxing or weightlifting for some excellent workouts, fitness classes, and boxing encouragement.

Recent exercise videos on the channel include a 20-minute heavy bag HIIT workout to get you shredded (8.1K views), a 30-minute simple speed boxing session, etc.

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3.37 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS OF ROBERTAS GYM Having launched on April 10, 2015, this channel has produced around 1075 videos to far. If you wanted to start with something simple and efficient while lounging at home but were worried about those extra calories and fat deposits in your lower abdomen. Check out this channel; it offers all the answers you require. You can practice the simple routine exercises found here without any special equipment.

One of the top channels for quarantine exercise is this one. Slim inner thighs in 11 days (32K views), 30 minutes no jumping whole body fat burn (51K views), Smaller waist in 14 days (50K views), etc. are recent uploads on the channel.

5.74 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS OF CARDIO WORKOUTS MADFIT This channel launched on March 2nd, 2018. Maddie Lymburner is the channel’s owner. Anyone who wanted to start a workout regimen but lacked the necessary equipment should watch this channel. You can find exercises here that don’t require any equipment and don’t include jumping.

Low impact Booty and Leg workout (54K views), 20 Minute Full Body Home Workout (320K views), Booty workout (376 Views), etc. are recent uploads on the channel.

2.43 MILLION BROSCIENCELIFE SUBSCRIBERS This channel was launched on December 11th, 2012, and as of this writing, has more than 150 videos. You may learn useful exercises and fascinating facts about the human body here. In other words, there are 100 percent results and 50 percent facts.

Best gym Thots, Ask the Professor 22: Thirst traps, Perfect Beard, How to identify if someone is on Steroids, Best jobs for gym rats, and many other videos have just been uploaded to the channel.

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I sincerely hope that these YouTube channels for quarantine workouts were helpful. Now, even without going to the gym, you may live a lot healthier and fitter life. Always keep in mind that your health should come first. To live a healthy life, practice a nutritious diet, regular exercise, meditation, and taking breaks to unwind your body and mind. Please use the comments box below to contact us if you have any questions about the story.

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