Ford is the most popular stock among Robinhood users in June, despite the fact that Tesla (TSLA), a manufacturer of electric vehicles, is frequently referred to in the media as the fad of the younger generation. Almost 890,000 Robinhood users have shares of Ford in their accounts, whether they believe the stock is undervalued in comparison to Tesla or simply find Ford’s $7 share price to be significantly more inexpensive. For comparison, Robinhood asserts that it has over 10 million accounts. Nearly 16,500 new customers have bought Ford shares in the past month, making Ford one of the most popular equities among Robinhood users to buy.

The second-most popular stock on Robinhood in May was General Electric.
At the end of May, 778,146 users owned the industrial conglomerate, up from 686,309 users the month before.

A 3% decrease in the price of General Electric’s shares in May coincided with a 13% increase in Robinhood accounts that possess the stock, indicating that investors are taking advantage of the firm’s price decline.

AMERICAN AIRLINES, third (AAL) Financial experts at Robinhood plainly saw the carrier outage as a buying opportunity. Among the 10 equities mentioned by Robinhood customers in the most recent month, American was the one that was most frequently mentioned. Currently, almost 634,000 customers possess American. When American announced that it will be flying 55% of its complete local calendar in July, up from only 20% in May, interest in the airline skyrocketed early this month. American was the highest performer among the top 10 stocks on Robinhood in May as well, gaining roughly 109% since this time last month.

Four. AURORA (ACB) Canadian cannabis manufacturer Aurora is breaking out significantly on high volume and is currently the sixth most popular stock on Robinhood.

This stock was $5 less than two weeks ago. The price of Aurora’s shares is currently above $15. Why such a large rally? An impressive earnings report demonstrated that this business is following the proper procedures to realize significant long-term value.

To cut a long tale short, Aurora made significant investments in potential future development once Canada legalized marijuana. Early demand patterns in Canada’s legal cannabis market, however, were constrained by a dearth of goods and a patchy supply. As a result, Aurora had a lot of expenses and little income, which caused a lot of losses and strain on the balance sheet.

However, in the beginning of 2020, Aurora unveiled a strategy to reduce costs, limit production and expansion, and boost organic growth through the introduction of new products and expanded distribution. These modifications are really effective. Volumes and revenue both increased sequentially by over 30% in the third quarter. Gross margins became stable. And the adjusted loss was greatly reduced.

5. APPLE (AAPL) The final stock among the top ten most popular Robinhood bets is Apple, which is Microsoft’s main rival in the fight for a $2 trillion market cap. According to recent predictions from Evercore, a venture banking advisory group, Apple will reach the $2 trillion market cap within the next four years because to the quality of its blasting services and the growth of its wearables business.

Evercore claimed that among all significant top innovation stocks, Apple offers the best risk reward balance. In the most recent month, Apple’s stock and market cap increased by more than 14%, enabling it to exceed Microsoft’s valuation. Apple is owned by more than 399,000 Robinhood users, an increase of more than 13,000 users when compared to Mays users.

Disney 6. The sixth most popular stock on Robinhood in May was Disney. At the end of May, 573,781 users called the house of the mouse home, up from 509,091 users the month before. The 8% gain in Disney’s stock price in May coincided with a 13% increase in Robinhood accounts that possess the stock, indicating that investors are continuing to add shares as the stock price rises.

Microsoft 7. (MSFT)


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